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CEO Message

글로벌 유통의 디지털화

  While preparing the mask pack platform in Vietnam and Korea since 2016, I faced various difficulties, but in the difficult process, above all, I got to know better what business is. Also, I started thinking deeply about how the mask pack business I am currently doing affects the environment, and I started a business that can fully empathize with the environment and life values of the MZ generation, a platform-oriented consumer generation. .


The eco-friendly mask pack platform we are preparing will become a communication channel with the MZ generation , and engage them as owners of the company, not just consumers, to spread the belief and value of eco-friendly business in the global market. I will spread it.  Now, I will tell you about the business execution plan of 'Haru Union', a newly established company.

First, we will build a reward platform ecosystem.

eco-friendly consumption culture will be started through the multi-reward-based daily one-pack mask pack platform that returns the costs used in distribution and marketing as a reward to consumers, and Haru Beauty_cc781905-5cde overseas -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ We will build a platform to promote globalization.  In particular, Haru Hanpack's know-how, independent packaging, and collaboration with a factory with outstanding technology make eco-friendly mask packs. We plan to produce together with consumers.

Second, ESG company  We will create a 'Haru Club' where 'Haru Union' and good consumers come together.

Haru Union is a consortium of companies that are serious about eco-friendliness   creating a domestic corporation, investing in a Vietnamese corporation, and investing in an eco-friendly ESG platform and blockchain-based NFT distribution_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Eco-friendly with a variety of products  We plan to create an ecosystem.  Haru Club is a one-day union for the MZ generation centered on an eco-friendly community.   owns the membership NFT that participates in the equity structure of will be

Third, we will increase the value of Haru NFT with carbon credits linked to the Haru ESG platform.

We will increase the value of Tree NFT with carbon credits linked to the Haru ESG platform. Consumers can use eco-friendly products and plant trees with rewarded points, and through this, they have NFT carbon credits. As the value of carbon credits gradually rises due to global warming, many people will join the eco-friendly ESG platform reward consumption culture, and Tree NFT will naturally become an opportunity to reduce individual carbon emissions.

In addition, we plan to open an ECO NFT market where various eco-friendly products can be traded, and to promote the globalization of the Haru ESG platform by issuing eco-friendly Haru Coins that can stabilize carbon credits._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Finally, Romana's business goal has been solely to make a profit. But now I know the importance of the environment, and I have come to realize that if there are people who agree to my belief , then profits are created naturally.  Earth Only heartfelt activities for the environment will naturally lead to the success of daily business.


Haru Union, together with Haru Club members  Inform all consumers of the awareness of environmental destruction caused by reckless consumption activities, and promote good consumption activities and carbon neutrality activities to everyone We want to contribute even a little to global warming by spreading it.

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