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Transform your business into a branding app.
A digital transformation branding app.
Deploy products, influencers, rewards, UGC, UCC, and even the community!
All of this can be done with one app.
Earn rewards, gather and communicate with your fans, and create user-centric content.

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Motivation to design a branding app

  Our company, Daejin Global, entered Vietnam 4 years ago with a dream like everyone else, planning to distribute cosmetics through rewards. In the meantime, I realized the popularity of Korean mask packs among Vietnamese women, and realized that I could experience the brand and promote the brand's cosmetics through a mask pack that can be used casually, and I wanted to go into a mask pack distribution company.

  However, as I was purchasing through a distributor or an intermediate wholesaler instead of purchasing the product from the head office, I could not plan a marketing and promotion strategy suitable for the market situation in consultation with the head office, and also We could not receive customs documents for this purpose, and due to the price drop due to market competition due to various distribution channels, we could not expect a strategy for securing fans through rewards, the killer content of the app.

  In particular, the majority of export distributors are demanding from buyers to push bulk orders that focus on profits rather than growing their brands, and the products sold in this way will have a lower turnover in the market and a decrease in profits. Therefore, they naturally focus on small and medium-sized brands or their own PB products with high profit margins, which inevitably breaks trust with brand products.

  Local buyers also approach consumers through well-known brand products, and promote their products with good profit margins as if they were a famous Korean brand to consumers without information on Korean cosmetics. And brand products are being treated as bait products to sell their own products. Accordingly, this branding app was designed to create a way for brands to directly communicate with consumers and create fans, rather than damaging the brand value of brand products to distributors or Vietnamese buyers._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


Changes in distribution in the era of Corona

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