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HARU Beauty

Haru Beauty is a beauty commerce brand app for the MZ generation.   This is a structure to increase efficiency by utilizing digital transformation in the process of converting the existing traditional structure to a digital structure using information and communication technology.




In the style of Glass Morphism, which is a design trend in 2021, the product is made visible on opaque glass, and a gradient is used for the background.




The Haru brand app values convenience in using the app. One of them is the Short cut Wheel, which makes it easy to move brand apps and communities.

short cut wheel

Add Shortcut 8.png

Add a shortcut icon at the top so you can set up and navigate to your favorite branded apps.

Plus - wheel move 8.png
Plus - wheel move 2.png



Review - Influencer #2.png
Review - Detail #1.png

When you write a review, a banner where you can purchase the product appears at the bottom of the review you wrote. When you click on it and it leads to a purchase, both buyers and reviewers will earn coins.

Since you can not only write a review but also act as a seller, the Haru Brand app has a clear purpose.

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